Survival is not enough

Kirjoittaja: Jim Leväsluoto

9 huhtikuun, 2020


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I listened a book called “Survival is not enough” by Seth Godin. Its book about thinking strategy to companies. Old companies like to do what they can do best and when they have found it, they just keep grinding on it. Fear of changes are always there and wanting to keep the process and time the same. But nobody cannot do it. Seth Godin in this book reveals thinking strategy of zooming/evolving. For example, video/movie stores liked to do what they did the best. Nowadays Netflix and other companies took their place on market. Why? These companies zoomed their focus to evolving things and product. Netflix didn’t fear the change of style of watching movies. Change is here now and always. This strategy is good for every company, you must learn zooming. We will evolve everyday by little steps. We must get away of fear of changes and replace it with excitement of chances to do whatever. Learn be best everyday or every week. Companies that live on the changes are very strong in the market.


This book opened my eyes little bit. I haven’t been thinking about the process of breakout company strategy have to be evolving and live everyday with the world. If you find/produce product/service that hits success, you can’t keep doing just it a long time. You must change or evolve things so its best company for what you are doing in every month. Every month is different just a little bit, but every year things change big time. Video/movie stores where the best in their timeline but not anymore. They needed the change, but it wasn’t available. Why? No one didn’t do anything for it. Just kept grinding on old things. That’s why Netflix and others took market over. So, we should not fear the change or evolve of world, companies and style of doing things. We need it, if we want to success or survive. But it isn’t enough. We learn from changes. Then we got it. Someone learns more and we need to catch them. We need to do more. And evolve and change more and more. And what is best? We can make changes and evolving fun and everyday doing. It isn’t so bad or hard.


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