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14 joulukuun, 2021

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Lähdeteoksen kirjoittaja: Simon Sinek

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Start with why-Simon Sinek

Why do we do the things we do?

What drives you to continue to go to work everyday or to continue educating yourself in school or by taking different kinds of classes. Once again this book was recommended by nonother than the famous Janne Roiha. If we are being honest I couldn’t think of a better book for everybody because if you really think about it isn’t this what it’s all about, why we do the things we do? The book describes three circles, I will break them down for you.

The golden circle


The most common thing to focus on whatever you are doing is what. What am I doing? It’s easy not really much to it you know what the job is or whatever it is you are doing. When people start to think about what they want to do in life this is where they turn to. “I am going to become a pilot or I am going to become a teacher.


How am I going to get where I want to be? Be it a professor in a college somewhere or a doctor of some sorts, what are the steps you have to take to get where you want to be. Most often than not it is educating yourself. Many people often find them selves quitting in college or some sorts of studies because they thought that was what they wanted to do. Without answering the question why you want to do something it might just fall apart right from the getgo.


By answering why you want to become a doctor or something else the journey you have to take to get there might wear you down and it might become frustrating which will cause you to give up. But if you are passionate about saving lives or helping other people it will help you through all the adversity you might endure.

Let me give you an example of myself. I have been wondering the question of what I am going to do after I graduate. What am I passionate about? And if I really think about it the answer is simple. I love doing what I’m good at which right now is frisbeegolf so why not continue going down that road and make a business out of it. Problem is that is not really a thing yet or probably not in the way I first imagined it. Some old alumni by the names of Esa Salonen and Sakari Lehto started taking the first steps in making this process possible. By building brand new courses and organizing events, they were able to provide themselves just by doing what they love frisbeegolf. We have talked about this on numerous occasions on what we want to do and what we want to achieve. What we all have in common is we want to see the sport grow. If I really think about it was an easy choice joining them and helping their company, because I can tell you with all honesty that none of us got rich doing it, but it’s what I’m passionate about and all the work we have put in doesn’t really feel like work because we all enjoy it.

What I was trying to explain in the last chapter but couldn’t quite put in words was finding something you are actually passionate about. Maybe it contradicts with the books definition with why but that is how I felt when I read the book. So my advice to you all would be to go out and do what you love. If you are stuck at a job for a long period of time and you just absolutely hate and hate waking up to the thought of getting out of bed and going to work it is probably not the right choice for you. I’ll admit it is not always easy finding your why or your passionate thing but isn’t it worth searching for?

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  1. Janne Roiha

    Thanks for essay, Jussi
    Answer to your question is easy: For sure it is.

    But. I think THE question is that why so few really do something about it? in my opinion being honest to yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Why do I hate my job? Why haven´t I done anything to change my life? What do I really love?

    Even though you could have dig a bit deeper into topic, I think you did good job with this writing. I think that doing what you love will always bring out the best possible result. It would have been really nice to read your thoughts about why do you love frisbeegolf. Also, what are the things in your work that you really like or even love?

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