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5 huhtikuun, 2022

Lähdeteos: Digital Marketing

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Before Tiimi Akatemia I wasn’t interested in marketing or social marketing even though I have been in the shoes of a customer all my life. Honestly, I have no idea how social marketing works and it seemed like rocket science in the beginning I do feel like I’m still alone last with social marketing and it also seems like a science almost. I do think that with the proper techniques and right logic marketing online will be easier and targeting your clientele online. But this book gave me ideas on how to maybe break some of my own limits. What I do think I have with some figuring out marketing as a possibility of a working tool in my future. My only experience was in my projects like boxiovellesi with another teammate from another team. It was really confusing to figure out at first. And honestly, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I tried to figure it out, but the platform nor website was on and the platform we wanted to market on (Facebook marketing) did not really speak the same language and it failed really hard to figure out, even though I thought I did everything right, but at the end, it didn’t actually workout. We tried using Facebook Pixel to retarget our clients to see our campaign again. But that didn’t really work out. We wanted to use Pixel to reach the same people who first saw it and clicked on it to re-click it and revisit our site. And possibly order a box from us.  

Other than I have done some smaller sponsored social media posts, but that mostly was just tagging and using certain hashtags to kind of round up the people who would be interested and get more visibility out of this. I feel that even though I’m still really lost with social marketing, I still feel that the book really helped me to figure out the difference between social marketing and marketing itself and E-commerce and how to work around the complications. Overall, I think marketing is constantly changing and it seems hard to always stay with the new trends. That seems to be the biggest step to get over. 

Since all these platforms that I am used to are more from the perspective of a client, not as a business it seems hard to figure out how to stand out. I did have a page on Instagram for my photography, but I haven’t really used it as a proper way to actually market my services as a photographer. In the future, I would like to use Instagram as a platform to market my services as a photographer and that’s why I actually went to see Mäkinen Elias, he has been a big inspiration for me to market myself as a photographer, more or less. And inspired me in the future to use platforms like Instagram and possibly even Tik Tok to bring out my Specialties as a photographer. His pro tip was how important is to just kind of be rudely out there, not to be obnoxious, but just rudely of there and say that, hey, look at me. Look how good I am at this certain stuff. Or hey, look, you’ve really. Be beneficial if you get this product from me.  

 How to succeed in the world of rapidly changing trends and um new information? Even with this situation, with the war and stuff, seems that all the platforms are using that cloud to market. A good example actually is that on Instagram I like to watch this kind of like self-care videos and it’s used like 25 seconds of like self-care videos and then and the end there is a snipped of this little ring that has two hands together find it annoying. I mean, yeah, I do remember it, but I think I still think that it’s an ugly ring. But I mean, the more you are in the face of a client that, hey, look at this. Look at how pretty this is. The more the client will remember and maybe even start to like it more. In my opinion, this is annoying and too rude. The book also talked about drop shopping, Amazon, and was a Basic guide for beginners and digital marketing that how to be beneficial and how to make money. Overall, I think the book was confusing, but it could also just my own deficient knowledge coming in here right now. I do think that in the future I would want to read maybe a more theoretical book about digital marketing and get into the algorithm that how Facebook pixel and how Facebook marketing works. As well as like how to peak the interest in a client with videos or on Tik Tok or on social media in general and how Google search engine works.  How to get the Google searching engine to prioritize posts. But in general, I feel like this book was more of a kind of stepping stool into what and how to market for beginners and spark interest in your marketing career. Honestly. I feel like marketing in general will always be an ever-changing field of not knowing everything. What makes it kind of cool but really kind of frustrating at the same time.  I want to have more projects that would expand my knowledge.  Overall, I think my knowledge of marketing hasn’t really grown as much as it maybe should, though I am more excited to learn more about it now after reading this book.  

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