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31 maaliskuun, 2022

Lähdeteos: Build Your future

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We had to read a book about the future for a training session with our team. I was thinking about what to read and found an ebook that discussed the idea of bringing a small business to a multimillion enterprise. They talked about how goals help to motivate the business to grow and write them down as step-by-step goals help to remember and go for it. The book itself was targeted for construction ect but I thought about how I could apply it to my own life and situation as well as what I want from my future and how I build my future from this day on. What I want to achieve in one month, 3 months, half a year, year, year and a half ect 

What I want to be in 5 years 

I want  

  • Graduate from uni 
  • Have more work experience 
  • Have fun 
  • Make new memories and live free 
  • Many new adventures with manu ( getting him a passport and travel? 
  • To visit my family in Germany as well as the states. 

How I plan to get there 

  • Find my drive to study and find my smaller goals and find how to enjoy my youth 
  • Find a workplace I want and do my best to achieve my set goals 
  • Focus on my mental health and get more support 
  • More stability in my life  

2,5 years i see myself 

  • I Graduated /finished my bachelor’s degree and found new connections to fulfill my full potential. 
  • Having more balanced with my mental health 
  • Having more control over my actions 

1 year 

  • Studying and finding my specialty 
  • Finding balance in my life by starting something new like a hobby or lifestyle 
  • Having time to travel and see the world 
  • Possibly going for exchange and getting more experience immersing in another culture 

The first steps start today. Today I will write down my goals and figure out how to achieve them. Getting my priorities right. I want to build a future that I feel is my own.  

My goals for the next month 

My personal goals for this month are to figure out my situation and get my ducks in order. I feel like I’m just floating around. I want to spend more time with my family and even start a new hobby like pole dancing. I have had mixed feelings about what I can do and where I stand in my team. Mentally I need to focus on things I enjoy and find a balance in life. Sometimes it feels easier to write down the dreams of a better life but the change is though. I see my future being still like play-do. I can influence and shape it at my will, I just need to find my inner drive to find my calling. 

  • Figure out what to do with school 
  • Find a new hobby 
  • Bring manu out for walks 
  • Get a schedule with sleeping and food 
  • Spend time with family and plan naisten viikonloppu 

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