The monk who sold his ferrari

Kirjoittaja: Jussi Craycroft

14 lokakuun, 2021

Lähdeteos: The monk who sold his ferrari

Lähdeteoksen kirjoittaja: Robin S. Sharma

Teoriapisteet: 2

This book is about a guy who is kind of stuck in his life. Doing the same this over and over again, not really progressing anywhere. He is separated from his wife and his son. His work takes up most of his time. He is sort of forced upon a journey to find these ”talisman” which hold great power.

The book was a good read or listen, which ever you prefer. The one big thing that caught my attention while listening to this book was loving what you do. If you don’t like what you do why continue on the same path? People are afraid of risk, having job security is a big thing. Most people have dreams as a young adult and get a job and say ”ill just do this for awhile until I go pursue my dream” and end up staying at that same job for the rest of their lives. This is not always how it goes but it happens too often. Being kind and treating others as you would like to be treated was also a point in the book which can’t be said enough.

The book was full of self help ”guidelines” which were all good and it was a great story. The book really didn’t give me anything new. It was definently a gentle reminder on what you should prioritize in your life. Some people might value the book more given their perspective on life. I just didn’t really get anything concrete from the book, but all that said it’s still a wonderfully written story with value just not for me.

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