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14 lokakuun, 2021

Lähdeteos: Mindset

Lähdeteoksen kirjoittaja: Carol S. Dweck

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Mindset has been a part of my reading list for quite sometime now, finally I had a large window of time to really dive deep in to it. Before reading the book I would have told you that I had a large understanding of the definition and all the things attached to it. However this book dove deeper than I would have thought. Mostly it discusses the differences between a FIXED mindset and a GROWTH mindset.

Fixed Mindset

By small definition a fixed mindset is a persons mindset on life that will not change it is how it is. A fixed mindset person will always think that he or she cannot surpass the limitations that have been given to him from birth. If a fixed mindset person is born being naturally talented in basketball and not in soccer he or she will think that he or she cannot become good at soccer even through practice, thus he or she will end up playing basketball. It’s funny you could almost summarize this characteristic as being narrow minded. The book mentions an example of a person who was a golfer who had a bad streak. This person would blame others in his or her failures. The golfer fired multiple caddies believing them to be the root for the golfers problems. A fixed mindset person will think he is a finished product, a well oiled machine and cannot stand the idea of defeat. In his/her mind once they lose they will always be a loser, and not try to became any better through practice. Some companies hire talented graduate students who have shown remarkable talent. While hiring them they assume they will instantly boost their company and do not train them very well. When the graduate students do not perform well they just assume that they were not the right fit for the company. A fixed mindset person also assume that they will find the right person to love and the relationship will be great without any work. This is just an example of this persons mindset. Does not like to be challenged

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset people are almost the complete opposite of fixed mindset people. They have a constant thirst for being challenged. They see limitless possibilities. They will improve themselves through hard work and practice. Growth people are also very openminded people. One example that they had in the book was Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was a growth mindset person. In his long NBA career he was always assumed to make every shot he took or dunk on every person who stood in his way. In his career he missed over 26 potentially game winning shots. He did not blame anyone for missing these shots or come up with excuses of any kind, he simply went to work. He practiced all the shots he missed hundreds of times until he perfected them, this is one reason he is considered to be the G.O.A.T because of his endless work ethic.

Everyone is born in this world a growth minded person. Our parents play a major role on what we eventually develop into. I can see myself being a little bit of both. Or maybe I am transitioning into becoming a fixed minded person. I hope not. Don’t worry it is not impossible to transition yourself from one side to the other, but it is not easy.

I found the book to be incredibly interesting and useful. This is a subject that has always fascinated me. I am going to strive to be a more growth minded person everyday. I recommend this book to everyone, every single person should strive to be a growth minded person it’s just simpler that way. 😀

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