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It’s all in your head (RUSS 2019)

Anna Rautanen 28.1.2021


Russ talks a lot about manifesting your dreams and finding your passion in his book It’s all in your head – get out of your way (2019). Manifestation and passion-hunting is a way to make your life look like you – the Real you! Russ (2019) says passion is bringing something that is inside your head, alive. He (Russ 2019) also asks you to think, what your manifestation channel is. For him – it is through music, creating something new out of nothing. When you are on your way on finding your purpose, remember to think about what would be the best and most inspiring channel for you.

So, I was very inspired when reading Russ’s (2019) book, but again as many times before, I found myself thinking about what my passion is or what I really like to do. I’m still a bit lost with that, but during my Team Academy studies I have found a new, more merciful me – more important is to focus on now, not the future and do everyday choices, that make you – as in me, make feel good. I’m kind of taking Russ’s (2019) advice and believing in my own delusion = thinking, that I would find myself living my dream on any coming day. If you want tips or great inspiration on finding your own purpose, I recommend reading this book or any other, that you find inspiring right now and reflect your thoughts on what you are learning.

Finding your Passion

So how do you know whether you have found your passion? Russ (2019) describes passion as something you lose yourself and track of time in – if you lose your enthusiasm during the process, that is not really your true passion. When you work with passion, you’ll harness the true work motivation inside you. But remember – finding your passion is an ongoing process, not necessarily something that comes out of nowhere. The more you try new things, the closer you are to finding your dream and passion. The more you fail, the closer you are to success. My thoughts on this matter:

Every failure is a stepping stone to success.
Every bad relationship is a way to a good one.
Every bad situation in relationship is a way of finding more meaningful relationships.
Every poor business is a way to a wealthy one.
Every shed tear is a way to joy and happiness.

If you are hesitating, remember – YOU are the greatest obstacle on your way, but you can alter your way of looking at it and be your greatest FAN (Russ 2019)! When you believe in yourself and be confident about yourself – the world will reward you (Russ 2019).

What I want in life – is to be happy like Coca Cola advertisements “Happy and Sharing together!” That energy I am finding to my everyday decisions. And when stormy days hit – I can always buy the bottle of Coca Cola and make the day a little bit better. It’s all about how you think about it.

Inspire others!

What has been a great thing to knowledge during my studies, is how much one can inspire others by example. It’s like Russ (2019) says it – my success is everyone elses: it makes them believe thay too, can do it!

Other thing is, that when something like a new project is important to you – you will want to think, what can you do by yourself and where do you need others. They say, that you can get fast by travelling yourself and far by travelling with others. But on this case – it is not always necessarily like that. If their energy doesn’t combine with yours, they can’t give you the 100% effort you need for them. If someone is really into something, they’ll do it almost instantly – for someone, a 2-hour work might takes months to be completed (Russ 2019). So when gathering a team or group, think what you need and in what time window. Don’t let the world around you dim your enthusiasm.

So in conclusion = when you know yourself and your passions and be open about it – it helps you build your life and career and also inspire others. When you are confident and opinionated, you are not selfish – you are the true group worker/thinker. You inspire others and show a great example through your own work.

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